Best Playtech Casinos

When you are searching for an online casino to enjoy you will find there are numerous choices available. Not only are there various games that you can log in and play, but the platform itself will vary and the gameplay will be different too. Lots of this is down to the online casino and how it has chosen to set up its online offering, as well as what it wants to offer their customers.

Some of it will be down to the software it has chosen to use. There are several big names in the casino software developer industry, one of which is Playtech, which began life in 1999. It has won numerous awards and now has a range of games under its belt. Plenty of casinos across South Africa use Playtech as their software provider of choice.

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History of Playtech

Playtech launched as a casino software development company in 1999 and since then has massively expanded its portfolio. Nowadays as well as online casino facilities, it offers live casino, online bingo, mobile casino and even sports betting. This allows any online casino which chooses to use Playtech software to offer a full range of products and services to its users.

In 2013, Playtech’s efforts in the software development industry were recognised when the company was awarded four awards at the EGR awards. It also won two awards in 2014 and then was awarded four more titles in 2015. If that wasn’t enough, it has been the IGA Award choice for Supplier of the year for 6 years running. It is estimated that Playtech’s revenue is now over €700 million each year and the company is floated on the London Stock Exchange. Without a doubt, Playtech is one of the big players in the casino industry. That’s why Playtech is used by so many South African casinos.

Why Choose a Playtech Casino?

If you are looking for a casino that has something for everyone, a Playtech casinos one could well be for you. As Playtech has been industry players for over 20 years, it has proven that when it comes to casino software, it’s here to stay.

When you are using a South African casino website, the chances are you want one that is reliable and offers smooth gameplay. Playtech has invested in its software over the years, which means you can be sure you’re going to get something that plays well and without fuss.

Not only that, but Playtech has such a large variety of games available. Of course, it is up to the individual casino what they take advantage of, but a Playtech casino has the opportunity to offer you live games, big jackpots, sports betting, slot machines and much more – so you know you’re signing up to an online casino which is going to keep you well entertained.

Popular Playtech Games

There is no doubt that Playtech casino games offer variety, so there should be a game for everyone. Playtech casino reviews show they have some massive popular games out there, including:

Age of The Gods

Based around the Ancient Greek Gods, this is a slot machine that has it all. There are several ways you can win via various features as the game progresses. Played over 5 reels and 3 rows, it offers 20 paylines with every spin.

Green Lantern

If you’re looking for a game based around a DC superhero then Green Lantern is it. With built-in 3D technology, this game has superb graphics. The game itself is played over 3 rounds and has the chance to win 4 progressive jackpots.

Magic Seven

Played over 5 reels and 3 rows, this horse racing themed game is all about the life of Frankie Dettori. It has several bonus rounds, including the Magic Seven Bonus, and even a chance to win an opportunity to compete in free races.

Best New Playtech Games

Playtech is continuously bringing out new slot games for its casino websites to take advantage of. In 2021 some of the new games brought to market are:

American Dad

Based on the well-known and much loved American sitcom, this new game is packed full of features. As well as the chance to win some amazing prizes it’s full of some really funny features too.

Superman II

We know that any superhero franchise is bound to do well and casino games are no exception. This new release is already proving popular, largely down to brilliant features this video slot game offers.

Green Lantern

As we know, this is already proving to be one of Playtech’s most popular games despite it only being released in 2021. It’s a game that offers awesome graphics and gameplay, so no wonder it is proving so popular.

With so many Playtech casino games on offer, it is no surprise that the Playtech casino list across South Africa is continuously growing.

Playtech Live Dealer Games

If you’re looking for a casino game which offers something a little more than just playing on your computer or smartphone device, then live dealer games could be just what you’re looking for. As the name suggests, you play with a live dealer – so you get the feeling of social interaction, like you would get if you were visiting a physical casino. Live dealer games can be offered at different times, so you may want to check in with the online live casino you’re thinking of using. But most of them offer a great variety of games, so finding something that fits in with your requirements shouldn’t be too difficult.

Playtech Roulette Games

There are a variety of games for you to choose at online casinos, and those in South Africa are no exception. There will be several types of game for you to choose from, and Playtech are well known for offering some brilliant online roulette choices.

Playtech Blackjack Games

If card games are more your thing, you won’t be disappointed. Playtech offers a range of card games, including live poker and more unusual games such as baccarat. One of the games Playtech offers that proves popular time and time again is blackjack, so finding a Playtech casino that offers online blackjack as one of their games should not be too difficult.


Are Playtech South African casinos safe?

Yes, Playtech is a well-known, trusted and reputable gambling software company so you can feel reassured it is safe to use its technology. Even logging on via the casino’s own mobile app, if is has one, is considered safe.

Are movie themed slots the best to play?

One of the best things about slot games is that there are so many to choose from. Whatever your choices are you can be sure there will be something that suits. For many people, movie-themed games are considered the best because there are always new ones to choose from and they’re playing with characters who feel familiar, which is something many players enjoy.