Best Blackjack Sites

Online casinos have paved the way for the thrill of blackjack becoming accessible in the home and on-the-go. There’s nothing quite like putting yourself up against the dealer in a game of online blackjack with the hope of getting closer to 21 without going bust. Unlike other casino games, online blackjack doesn’t just come down to luck, and the element of effective strategy makes it one of the most immersive table games around.

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How We Rate and Review the Best Blackjack Sites

When it comes to finding blackjack sites to play at, it can feel overwhelming because there are so many of them around. However, although players are spoilt for choice in this regard, not all blackjack sites are built to the same standards. As such, there are several features we look for when finding the best blackjack sites:

• Bonuses
• Popular deposit methods
• No deposit or withdrawal fees
• Plenty of blackjack variants
• Various game providers
• Mobile optimisation
• Reasonable terms and conditions
• Customer support
• Positive user reviews

Blackjack Software

Online blackjack is made possible by software providers. There are several of these that deal with casino games, but the following are a few of the most popular:


Blackjack Game Variations

One of the best things about modern blackjack sites is that many of them provide a variety of different blackjack formats, including:

• European Blackjack – Dealer receives 1 card and draws only after the player has completed their hand.
• American Blackjack – Dealer receives 2 cards, one face-up and one face-down. If the face-up card is an Ace, the face-down card is turned to check for Blackjack.
• Blackjack Switch – Players receive 2 hands and can switch the second cards dealt to create the best hands possible.
• Blackjack Surrender – Players can forfeit their hand at the cost of half of their stake.
• Perfect Pairs – Side bet where players win if the first 2 cards dealt are a pair.
• Single Deck Blackjack – Only 1 deck, leading to a low house edge.
• Multi-Hand Blackjack – Players can play simultaneous hands.

There are also plenty of other online blackjack variants so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the rules before you play.

Using Bonus Funds While Playing Blackjack

One of the perks of playing online blackjack is that many blackjack sites hand out a variety of bonuses to welcome new players while also keep existing players entertained and coming back for more, including:

• Matched Deposit Bonuses – With this kind of bonus, players will receive bonus funds that partially or fully match their deposit value.
• No Deposit Bonuses – On the contrary, this kind of bonus is handed out to players without the need for them to deposit any money.

It’s worth checking the terms and conditions of bonuses on blackjack sites because they will contain rules, any wagering requirements, maximum stakes, game limitations, and so on.

Live Blackjack

Many blackjack sites now provide players with an opportunity to play live blackjack. These games provide players with an immersive game that brings the brick-built casino experience to life online. Players are faced with a real dealer, placing cards on a real table, with an impressive casino backdrop, and there is even an opportunity to interact with the dealer and other players via chatbox.

Blackjack on Mobile

Technological advances have led to mobile gaming becoming commonplace and online blackjack is no different. Most blackjack sites now offer mobile-friendly blackjack games or even dedicated apps to play on.

Free-Play Blackjack

If you’re new to blackjack sites or fancy a game without having to deposit any money, some casinos offer free-play online blackjack. You’ll often be able to play blackjack variants in demo mode, which means you’ll be able to play with valueless virtual coins but, of course, won’t be able to withdraw any winnings.

Quick How to Play Guide & Rules

Blackjack is a simple game to play. The aim is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. If you go over 21, you bust and lose the hand.

• Numbered cards carry their face value (2-10)
• Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10
• Aces are worth either 1 or 11 depending on what is best for your hand

There are a variety of blackjack formats, but a simple hand is played as follows:

1. The player makes a bet.
2. The player is dealt 2 cards. Both are face-up.
3. The dealer is also dealt 2 cards. One is face-up and the other is face-down.
4. If the player has Blackjack (21), the dealer’s face-down card is turned over to compare scores. Anything less than Blackjack means the player wins the hand. If the dealer also has Blackjack, the hand is a draw, and the player receives their stake back.
5. If the player does not have Blackjack, they must choose how to proceed. The standard choices are hit, where the player will receive another card, or stand, where the player receives no more cards. The player can continue to hit until the hand values 21, they choose to stand, or they bust.
6. Once the player decides to stand, the dealer’s face-down card is turned over to compare scores. The dealer must continue to hit until they achieve a score of 17 or above.
7. Whoever finishes with a hand closest to 21 wins.
Although this is how a standard hand of online blackjack is played, there are a couple of other things that can happen. Firstly, a player can decide to double down. This means the bet is doubled in value and the player draws one more card only. Secondly, a player can decide to split if they have been dealt a pair. This means that the 2 cards become separate hands.


Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

No. Online blackjack is powered by a random number generator (RNG) and there is no influence on the outcome from the casino. The casino has a pre-built house edge that means they do not need to rig anything.

What Is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is part of casino software on blackjack sites and randomly generates the value of cards as they are dealt to the player and dealer.

Is There a Winning Strategy for Blackjack?

There are strategies available to give you the best possible chance of winning a single hand of online blackjack, but the house has a pre-built edge in the long-term.

Can I Count Cards Online?

Yes, technically. However, blackjack sites use software that shuffles cards every hand so it becomes a losing battle.