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Live dealer roulette is as entertaining as it is easy to play – whether you want to bet on red or black or go for a bigger win by betting on specific numbers, there’s something for every casino player. Thankfully, these experiences are no longer reserved for brick-built casinos as technological advances in software have paved the way for live roulette to become more accessible than ever before. This is the case whether you’re playing at home on a desktop computer or on-the-go on a mobile device.

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Live vs RNG Roulette

The type of roulette you prefer will come down to the way you like to play – live dealer roulette is a vastly different experience to that of a random number generator (RNG) game. However, both incarnations of roulette provide roughly the same chance of winning. Nevertheless, there are a couple of distinct differences between live dealer roulette and RNG roulette:

• Immersion level
• Game pacing

With online live dealer roulette, the player is treated to an experience that replicates the kind you’d find when visiting a brick-built casino. For example, this form of live roulette has a live dealer who adds a real ball into a spinning roulette wheel, with a realistic casino backdrop, and interacts with players who can send messages via a chatbox.

However, players are at the mercy of the dealer’s game pacing and there is a time limit on decision making such as choosing stake value and bet selections. Although the experience is more immersive, the player is in less control over the speed of the game.

When it comes to RNG versions of roulette, the player does not have the benefit of a live dealer, a real roulette wheel, a realistic casino backdrop, or the ability to interact with other people. Instead, software spins the wheel and the RNG decides where the ball lands.

However, the benefit of RNG roulette is that the player can play at a pace that suits them. There is no time limit on bet selection, and you can even choose to fast spin the wheel if you’d prefer.

Live Roulette on Mobile

One of the many advantages of technological advances in casino software, internet speeds, and mobile devices is that live dealer roulette is more accessible than ever before. Modern online casinos often offer mobile-friendly roulette tables and some even have dedicated apps.

Perhaps the only downside here is that players require a good internet speed to enjoy the full benefits of live dealer roulette, but you can now play live roulette from your home and when you’re on-the-go.

Live Roulette Variations

To keep players entertained, online casinos offer a variety of live dealer roulette variations to try, including:

• European Roulette – 36 numbers plus one Zero
• American Roulette – 36 numbers plus two Zeros
• French Roulette – 50% of stake back on even-money bets if the ball lands in Zero
• Double Ball Roulette – 1300/1 if both balls land in the same number
• Speed Roulette – Faster spins for players who enjoy playing at a high pace
• Side Bet Roulette – A variety of side bets to take part in

There are plenty of other versions of live roulette to enjoy and new versions are being added regularly across an array of casinos that are looking to keep players entertained.


As with most games, online casinos are keen to offer live dealer roulette players bonuses to keep them entertained and coming back for more, including:

• Matched Deposit Bonuses – Players receive bonus funds to play with that fully or partially match the value of their deposit.
• No Deposit Bonuses – Players receive bonus funds to play with without needing to deposit any money.

It’s important to check the terms and conditions of any bonus before you opt-in as they’ll contain rules, wagering requirements, maximum stake values, game limitations, and so on.

How to Play

Although there are several live roulette variations, the basic steps to playing remain the same:

1. Choose and place your bets
2. The dealer spins the wheel and adds the ball
3. The ball settles on the winning section
4. If the ball settles on your selection, you win

When placing your bets, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

• Inside Bets – Single number for a larger possible win or a small cluster of numbers.
• Outside Bets – Red or Black, Even or Odd, or a large range of numbers for an increased likelihood of winning.

Online casinos tend to provide a range of live roulette variations so it’s important to read through the rules before you go for a win.

New Sites

As online casinos have increased in popularity over the years, new sites have started to pop up regularly. The great thing about this is that many of them offer immersive live dealer roulette for players to enjoy and an array of game variations.

Not only that, but new sites also like to welcome players through their doors with bonuses, so there are often lots of opportunities to take part in promotions.


Online live roulette is made possible because casinos use software providers. There are a few of these that deal with live casino games, but the following are some of the most reputable:


When you play online live roulette, the software generates the immersive experience players have come to enjoy, with the use of HD camera feed, a variety of angles, impressive casino backdrops, lots of game variations, and 24/7 access.


Can You Talk to the Live Dealer?

Yes. Most modern live roulette tables will have a chat function that allows you to interact with the dealer while you play.

Do You Need to Download Software to Play Live Roulette?

No. The best online casinos are web browser friendly, so you won’t need to download anything unless you’re using a casino’s dedicated app.

Are Live Roulette Bonuses Worth Taking?

Yes. Many promotions are worth taking because they provide you with an opportunity to try new games and play with bonus funds. However, you should always check the terms and condition to understand the rules and any wagering requirements.