Best Online Casino Bonuses

The best casino bonus varieties provide a win-win situation for casinos and players alike – the casino has an opportunity to welcome players through their doors, and players can enjoy bonuses that enhance the overall entertainment level. When you’re looking for a casino to play at, it can be overwhelming because there are a huge number of online casinos offering bonuses. The great news is that you can sign up for as many casinos as you like, so understanding how each casino bonus works will provide you with an opportunity to make the most of all of them.

A common misconception is that casino sign-up bonuses are the only ones worth receiving. In truth, some of the very best casino bonuses come as reloads for loyal players. There are also some great casino promotions for those who sign up as VIPs.

If you want to learn more about casino bonuses, then read on. We’re going to take a look at a poker specific bonus, as well as terms and conditions you’ll need to be aware of with all bonuses. We will then take a look at why it is well worth joining VIP programmes.

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Terms and conditions

Even the best casino bonuses come with terms and conditions attached. It is always worth making sure you are familiar with these so you do not miss out on any wins. The last thing you want is to land a big win only to find that you can’t withdraw it. The other side is you may see casino welcome bonuses being advertised and then take a wrong step which means you don’t qualify. While most players know they need to take note of any wagering requirements, other terms and conditions to be aware of are:

Time limits

When you sign up and are awarded with casino bonuses, make sure you know how long you have to use them. There will always be a time limit attached to them. If you go over this then you will have lost the chance to benefit. Generally speaking, you will be given seven days, but this can vary.

Game exclusions

The best casino bonuses allow you to try out a range of games. However, you need to check out which games are included. When free spins are awarded, it may be that they can only be used on selected slots. With matched deposits, at times they will not include some of the table games. Again, make sure you check so you are fully informed.

Payment exclusions

Some casino bonuses are only available if you make your first deposit with a particular method. It is too easy to use your favourite such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal, only to find this excludes you from claiming the bonus. This is one you need to check before you sign up.

Welcome Bonus

With an array of casinos available for players to choose from, welcome bonuses have become a way for individual operators to tempt you to play at their site and show you what games they have on offer.

Welcome bonuses don’t follow set rules across all casinos, but they will often require the player to make a deposit, at which point bonus funds and other freebies will be added to the account. A simple example of a welcome bonus is ‘100% Matched Deposit’ – the player will deposit funds up to a stated limit and the casino will match the deposit with bonus funds.

However, welcome bonuses can also include the following:

• Free spins
• No deposit bonuses
• Cashback

The great news for people searching for the best casino bonus is that you can take advantage of welcome bonuses with lots of casinos. It’s important to read through the terms and conditions of each one, however, as many of them have wagering requirements and can contain other limitations such as maximum withdrawal amounts, maximum stake size, and so on.

Signing up for a welcome casino bonus is usually a simple process with the following steps:

1. Register for an account at a site offering a welcome casino bonus.
2. Check the terms and conditions of the casino bonus.
3. Make any required deposits.
4. Claim your casino bonus.
5. Open your favourite eligible games and go for the win.

Free Spins

One of the best casino bonus varieties for people who enjoy playing online slots is free spins. With this bonus, players are given a set amount of free spins at a predetermined stake to use on certain slots.

Casinos will sometimes allow the player to keep whatever they win from the free spins as real money immediately. However, many casinos attach wagering requirements to any winnings that need to be met before the player can withdraw them as real cash.

Free spins can be awarded to a player in a variety of different bonuses. For example, free spins are sometimes added as part of a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, a reload promotion, as a reward for playing at the casino, or even as part of a birthday promotion.

Making use of a free spin casino bonus is a simple process in most cases:

1. Check the terms of the casino bonus for any deposit requirements.
2. Accept the free spin bonus.
3. Open an eligible slot.
4. Select your free spins and let them play through.
5. If you win any money, proceed to meet wagering requirements if necessary.

No Deposit

No deposit promotions are one of the best casino bonus varieties available because they allow players to try out the casino and games without having to deposit any real money. The great news is that lots of casinos are now offering this kind of bonus to welcome new players through their doors and keep existing players entertained.

No deposit bonuses come in a variety of different formats:

• Free spins
• Free cash
• Free play

These bonus varieties are self-explanatory – the casino is offering players a chance to play for free. Although the monetary value of the no deposit bonus may not be high, it’s worth taking advantage of them as you could be lucky and hit a win. It’s also worth considering that there are lots of different sites offering this kind of casino bonus so there are plenty of opportunities to take part.

One thing to note when it comes to no deposit bonuses is that many will have wagering requirements on any winnings before they can be withdrawn as real money.

Playing with a no deposit bonus is usually straightforward:

1. Register for an account if required.
2. Accept the no deposit bonus.
3. Play through the free bonus.
4. Meet the wagering requirements of any winnings if necessary.


When it comes to gambling, there are few better feelings than knowing you can’t lose. If you’re looking for some of the best casino bonus varieties available, then look no further than cashback promotions.

The way cashback offers work varies but they usually require a player to bet real money in a specific way, at which point the player will receive cashback in several potential forms if they lose:

• 100% cashback up to a maximum amount.
• Partial cashback on losses up to a certain amount.
• Refunds on net losses over a predetermined period.
• Free bet if you lose a real money bet.

As always, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions of a cashback offer to make sure you know what game you have to play to take part, the maximum refund available, and whether there are any wagering requirements on the cashback you could receive.

Of course, the best thing about this kind of bonus is that you won’t necessarily lose. If you are lucky and win big, there’s no need to receive any cashback.


Once casinos have welcomed players through their doors, their next aim is to keep them entertained enough that they want to stick around. Reload bonuses are exclusive to registered players and can appear in a variety of ways:

• Next deposit bonuses
• Free spins
• No deposit bonuses
• Cashback

Ultimately, reload offers are some of the best casino bonus varieties around because they allow players to continue playing with freebies. Players will sometimes be required to make another deposit to receive a matched bonus – for example, ‘50% Matched Deposit’ or ‘50% Cashback on Losses’ up to a maximum value. However, other reload offers won’t require a deposit at all.

Terms and conditions are always worth checking if you receive a reload bonus because some of them will contain wagering requirements and other rules of play. However, many reload bonuses will be worth taking because they allow you to play with extra funds.

Rake back bonus

When it comes to playing poker for real money, a range of casino bonuses are up for grabs. One which many players tend to miss out on is a rake back bonus. If you have never heard of this casino bonus, then you are not alone. It is, however, worth understanding as it can make your poker playing more profitable.

Rake itself is an amount of money which the online casino removes from the pot. It has become more popular for casinos to offer players the opportunity to rake back. This means they can recover the amount they have contributed. Online casinos do not always openly mention rake or rake back, but that doesn’t mean it is not offered. In fact, if your favourite online casino doesn’t mention rake back, ask them if this is something that they will offer. The rake is where a casino will typically make its money from a poker room, so it may seem odd that they want to give this back to you. The reason? It is a casino bonus and one which encourages you to stick around and to keep playing.

VIP Perks

It is not just about casino sign-up bonuses. There are plenty of bonuses available for loyal players. It is well worth exploring the VIP programmes on offer to get the very best casino bonuses. Some of the benefits you can expect to see by being a VIP include:

Faster withdrawals

When players win, they are often keen to get their hands on their winnings. Some casinos are better known for the speed of withdrawals than others. You will find you are likely to be able to access your winnings much quicker as a VIP. You won’t need to hold on for several days for your request to be processed, meaning you can see funds in your bank or Neteller account in an instant.

Customised bonus offers

When you play regularly at an online casino, it gets to know you. It sees the games you enjoy the most and how much you like to wager. When you become a VIP, this means offers can be tweaked to suit you. The top casino bonuses are those which are tailor-made and can be used exactly how you want them to be.

Increased matched deposit deals

Casino welcome bonuses are best known for offering matched deposit deals, but this is not where they end. As a VIP you will find the matched deposit deals get even better. You will see your online casino offering higher amounts and you may even see matches going as high as 200% or even 300% at times.


How can I find the best casino bonuses?

There are many casino bonuses out there to claim, but some are better than others. The sites we recommend come with the best bonuses with the fairest terms.

Are casino bonuses just for new players?

Not at all. Aside from VIP programmes, the best casinos also have plenty of reload offers for loyal players. This means you can still benefit from casino bonuses after you have claimed the sign-up one.